5450 Glenridge Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
(770) 880-8318

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We are located at 5450 Glenridge Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30342 near the intersection of Roswell Road & Glenridge Drive. Our gym is located in the Charleston Court luxury apartment community.

How it all began (in my own words)

After a brief professional football career with the NFL’s Tennessee Titans & Indoor Football League, I went back to school to study exercise science in 2001 in pursuit of learning the cutting edge secrets of sports performance. While working on my degree, I sat at a desk during the day as the school's financial aid counselor. I watched my waistline go from 38” to a high of 44” in less than a year!

The science of the time was focused on counting calories and eating with a high protein and low fat approach.  Carbohydrates where not restricted with this strategy. I have since learned that until carbohydrates are restricted, fat loss will be ineffective for most Americans. An athlete training for more than three hours a day will benefit from carb loading, but most of the general population will only achieve fat gain around their middle.

Today, I and other members of Fitness Love ATL team have adopted a moderate to high protein and fat plan with a strong emphasis on carb restriction. By combining this way of eating along with regular exercise (3 hrs a week), fat loss and weight maintenance has never been easier!

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