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                 Includes Body Fat Test 

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This class is taught by:

Nick Goldberg

After losing over 70lbs w/ a combination of running & low carb nutrition, Nick has joined the team to share his enthusiasm as a running coach.  Nick's preferred race is a 10K but is a regular at the local half marathon  events & places some pretty competitive times for a 200lb.  Nick's run class is designed to promote additional fat loss with some competitive runs.

Vanessa Moser

Vanessa is the leader of all things organized for our Fitness Love ATL team. In addition to being an RN, she has worked with the team full-time since September 2011. She brings a wealth of education & knowledge on preventative strategies that can help us maintain our wellness and healthy weight.

Her specialty with the team is Barre. When she is not instructing, she enjoys anything outdoors, traveling and trying new things.

Torrie T Train

He is the head coach of the Fitness Love ATL team. Having been involved in sports his entire life, he tries to inspire all with a “Party never stops!” attitude & says this often during class. When offered up an excuse by members during class, he is quick to remind them that “sexy doesn’t care” which usually helps the reality of the situation come back into play in a comedic fashion. He love all the time & dedicates his time & energy to teammates to prove it!
This class is specifically designed for those individuals who are looking to build their endurance future. This class is 60 minutes in length & it includes a post run stretch. 
Torrie will give you a running route based on your current fitness level.