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$95  2 weeks unlimited Intro Offer

                 Includes Body Fat Test 

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Class Descriptions


Boot Camp

Get ready for anything and everything! Boot camp is a combination of exercises designed to create the hot sauce needed to make the fat sizzle off your body. All fitness levels are welcomed. The workout is scaled up or down based on each individual’s ability.



The name says it all. We will perform roadwork the majority of the time during this class. Run includes agility drills, sprints and distance on flat and hill work. You are strongly encouraged to attend at least one of these sessions a week. Running is a necessary tool in successful transformations in boot camp.



Classes particularly designed & dedicated to men looking to add lean muscle mass.  We also offer skeletal assessments & range of motion exercises that will improve posture & performance.

What can I expect from your Program?


Day 1: Initial Session
  • Assess current fitness level, check heart rate
  • Participate in a class to make sure it’s a good fit for you
  • Evaluation and explanation: I will learn about your initial experience. We will measure and take pictures and discuss what it will take to reach your goal.


First 30 days:
  • Based on your goals and current lifestyle, I will recommend both physical and nutritional modifications.
  • Common recommendations include:
  • Meal plan recipes and calendar
  • Meal plan service
  • Protein shakes and healthy snack options


Day 31-45:
  • We will remeasure and evaluate to determine what’s working and what’s not working
  • Reestablish next 60 day goals

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