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What is the Fitness Love Meal Plan?

We provide a service that helps you keep to your diet. We have modeled our plan keeping all the latest dietary innovations in mind. We stick to a daily 100/100/100 ratio: less than 100 grams carbohydrates, 100 grams protein and 100 ounces of water. We don't eliminate any fresh produce or good fats. We do our best to follow the Glycemic Index closely in order to provide you with favorable carbohydrates.  Men’s portions are scaled up based on their goals. (Some men actually want to gain weight)!


Why do you call your meal service a life style choice?

The word dieting has become synonymous with reducing caloric intake on any given day. If you have done the ATKINS or SOUTH BEACH diets, you will know that the first two weeks are almost militant in the restriction of carbohydrates. However, in the second and third phase of the diet, you start incorporating carbohydrates back into your diet only on a limited basis. In the final phase of the diet, you are to fall into the recommended dietary ratio of 40/30/30. This is a same ratio we use. It is this phase where you are no longer dieting. You resume a consistent caloric intake to keep losing weight or maintaining that trim figure and high energy level you achieved by dieting. This is a life style choice. This lifestyle is also the hardest part of your losing and keeping weight off, because it never ends. If you want to keep that high energy level you get by eating a balanced meal and stay trim, you must maintain the program. We take out the variables for you. We have created a nutritional foundation to sustain your high energy and busy life style. We take the headache out of maintaining your weight.