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Atlanta, GA 30342
(770) 880-8318

$95  2 weeks unlimited Intro Offer

                 Includes Body Fat Test 

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Meal Service

General Description


Quality – We prepare our menus daily using the fresh quality produce delivered to us on a daily basis. Our chefs have cooked in local restaurants in Atlanta. Not only do we set the culinary standards for fresh meal delivery, we set the standards for culinary excellence.


Convenience - We will take the headache out of your diet, allowing you to eliminate the scales, calorie counting and portion controls. We provide a well-balanced fresh meal prepared by qualified Atlanta chefs delivered to your gym or office on a bi-weekly schedule.


The meal plan was created for us living in the city. We are willing to sacrifice some of the pleasures in life like bread, cereal, & pasta during the week to earn our sexiest bodies!