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$95  2 weeks unlimited Intro Offer

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How it Works

  1. Complete the Meal Goal sheet                           
  2. Receive your personal video consultation
  3. Order your 4-week intro package
  4. Get Evaluated after your initial 4 weeks        
  5. Move onto lifestyle plan

You will be contacted by a Fitness Love Coach after completing and submitting your personal information in JOIN NOW (make this a live link). The coach will send you a goal sheet, set up measurement dates, determine any dietary restrictions, and confirm a starting date.

Your food will be delivered to the refrigerator in the gym that Sunday or to your job that Monday.

CARBOHYDRATES: “Carbohydrate” is becoming a bad word in today's diets. Carbohydrates in limited portions are a necessity in a well balanced diet. We choose to use more favorable carbohydrates found in fruits and leafy green vegetables and monitor the portion size of the less favorable carbohydrates such as food with a high starch or sugar content.


PROTEIN: Just paying attention to the types of proteins you eat can help with losing weight. While we never rule out any ingredient the majority of our menus contain lean proteins such as fish, poultry, beef, and eggs.

FATS: Favorable Fats are the order of the day for a healthy menu. When you are adding fat to your diet it is best to use favorable fats like olive oil, coconut oil and butter.

FOODS AND INGREDIENTS TO STAY AWAY FROM WHILE DIETING: Sugar (including food and drinks containing sugar), pasta, rice, bread, cereals, and juice

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES TO STAY AWAY FROM WHILE DIETING: Mangos, papaya, pineapple, banana, figs, prunes, corn, potatoes and carrots

ALCOHOL: Abstaining from alcohol is good while on the meal plan. However if you are going to have a glass or two, go for red wine. It is best if you put some food in your stomach first to slow down the absorption in to the blood stream.  Other acceptable drinks are vodka & tequila with low carb mixers.

GLYCEMIC INDEX: The glycemic index is a scale that can be used by dieters to help determine which carbohydrates are best in your diet. The lower the number on the glycemic index the more diet friendly.